Vice Protocol

Introducing Vice Protocol


Vice Protocol is an autonomous decentralized organization, which governs and develops DeFi protocols and products.
In Phase 0, our rewards HUB will be launched, where users will be able to deposit their tokens to earn yield, as well as lock their tokens to receive $veVICE and participate in community decisions.
At Phase 1, we will launch our flagship product, THE STARTER. Learn more here.

What can I do with $VICE?

Democracy and good governance are very important to us. $VICE is Vice's native ERC20 token. $VICE token holders have future access to a set of services, premium features and a portion of the fees accrued on the decentralized applications that Vice Protocol develops. $VICE holders can lock their tokens to receive $veVICE, which can then guide future community decisions.

Next steps

Vice Protocol does not yet have a release date set, however, it should take place by December 2022. In the coming weeks, Phase 0 will be available on zkSync Testnet v2.
This documentation is being improved and receiving new content every day.

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