Vice Protocol


When will the project be released?

Vice Protocol is scheduled to be released by mid-December 2022.

Is the VICE token available for purchase?

At this time, Vice Protocol has not been released yet. This means that no VICE tokens are available for purchase on any DEX.

What are your official social media channels?

You can follow and connect with Vice Protocol through the social networks listed here.

How does Vice Starter ensure our funds are safe?

We are creating a protocol to ensure that no Scam is incubated by the Vice Protocol. You can find out more about it here.

Who is behind the Vice Protocol?

The development team currently has 4 participants, including developers, researchers and a chief financial officer.

When will governance be implemented?

Governance should be implemented in the first month after the launch of the Vice Protocol.

Will Vice Protocol be just a Launchpad?

No, Vice Protocol will continue to develop new products and house them in the ecosystem, further increasing the utility of the $VICE token.