Vice Protocol

Anti-Scam Measures

How does Vice Protocol ensure our funds are safe?

Kairos Starter will use Covalent to provide data and histories by portfolio which, in turn, will allow investor participants in projects incubated by Vice Protocol to know who they are interacting with.
Covalent will allow investors to analyze a series of data, such as:
  • Token contract verification
  • Token contract age
  • Proxy patterns (red flag for potential rug pulls)
  • Top wallets
  • Blacklists, Scams and other warning flags
  • Curated token lists
  • Token holders
After the ICO, part of the funds will be trapped under a smart contract. This smart contract will be responsible for the initial listing of tokens according to the pre-established percentage before the fundraising takes place, thus ensuring initial liquidity.
In addition, all projects must use Timelock in their ERC-20 token contracts, to ensure greater security for both investors and the team behind each project.
This kind of transparency will create a safe and trusting environment between developers and investors.