Vice Protocol


Democracy and good governance are very important to us. Therefore, we aim to build a large and active community in the Vice ecosystem. In this way, users who adopt Vice Protocol early will have the possibility to obtain $VICE in high quantity, and then be able to participate with greater power in protocol decisions in governance.
Investors will initially have control over:
  • Treasure funds.
  • Funds set aside for post-launch liquidity incentives.
  • Pools to be introduced in token distributions.
  • Number of tokens to be distributed in each layer (Ethereum and Polygon), starting from Phase 1.
  • Propose new features or changes to the existing protocol.
Important to note that $VICE tokens give investors permission to vote on proposals and, in fact, make decisions for the project through their own governance. In the initial phase, early adopters will have access to approximately 2/3 of the $VICE tokens, through pre-sale and liquidity mining, allowing them to become a significant part of the protocol.


It is intended to carry out about 3 Airdrops before the Vice Protocol pre-sale. To participate, users must meet requirements that will be announced later.