Vice Protocol



Vice Protocol will initially allow liquidity mining, giving the user, in exchange, rewards in the form of $VICE tokens (the platform's native token), as well as project tokens that will be launched through Starter.
Important to note that $VICE tokens give investors permission to vote on proposals and, in fact, make decisions for the project through their own governance. In the initial phase, early adopters will have access to approximately 2/3 of the $VICE tokens, through pre-sale and liquidity mining, allowing them to become a significant part of the protocol.
Through the $VICE token distribution agreement, after the presale, users will be able to deposit their $VICE tokens, LP tokens and ETH to receive token rewards. This distribution contract has a different design from traditional agricultural production contracts. This is because, you can earn a multiplier by staying for long periods of time, this is “spent” on non-stake time. Allowing additional bonus rewards against the entire pool. This gamifies the un-staking process. Each has its own unique multiplier and we prioritize undoing the shortest bets (with the lowest multiplier) first.
It is also worth noting that, 2-4 weeks after the launch of Vice Protocol, we will introduce our first product to the ecosystem - the Starter (a launchpad).

The starter

The Starter platform in the Vice ecosystem allows projects to raise funds by setting a fixed or dynamic price rate for selling their tokens.
On the other hand, $VICE token holders users will be able to participate in a collective and secure environment, promoting innovative projects.
Each project incubated by Vice Starter will be properly rated and reviewed by our team, prior to any listings.