Vice Protocol


Phase 0

Phase 0 is related to protocol governance. What does that mean? This means that at this stage the $VICE token distribution process will take place. We understand that a certain amount of $VICE tokens in circulation is necessary for the community to achieve adequate capacity to manage project decisions through protocol governance.
The distribution will take place through liquidity mining, as well as through the pre-sale that will be executed to acquire funds for the protocol and invest in the development of future products of the Vice ecosystem.
This phase 0 is short, expected to last 2-4 weeks after launch. From there, we will proceed to phase 1.

Phase 1

Phase 1 should start as soon as 2-4 weeks after deploying the Vice ecosystem. In this phase we will deploy our first product - Launchpad. We intend to empower projects of tomorrow, which bring news and innovations to the DeFi and related market.
All projects will be carefully reviewed before being listed for pre-sale. We will, above all, take care to ensure that the funds are properly distributed to those who have made their investment.

What's to come?

Our team of developers will be continuously improving and developing new innovative products for the Vice ecosystem. In partnership with the community, through the governance of the protocol, we aim to build a growing and comprehensive ecosystem.