Vice Protocol

$VICE Governance Token


As the Vice Protocol moves to decentralize and diversify its governance, it will use the VICE Governance Token (veVICE) to grant voting power. It is important to note that $VICE tokens are not an investment, but a way to keep the people who interact with the protocol aligned with the development and future of the community, guaranteeing their place at the decision table.
Despite this, it is also important to note that $VICE tokens give access to protocol fees as well as access to the Whitelist of new projects to be launched on Launchpad.

What is the purpose of $VICE?

The main goals of the $VICE token are to encourage people to openly participate in the protocol through their voting, as well as the distribution of fees and in new benefit segments that will enter Vice Protocol as we grow our product portfolio.
We want to involve as many users as possible in the governance of the protocol.

What is the use of $VICE?

$veVICE is a governance token with time-weighted voting and value accrual mechanisms. The two initial uses of the token are voting and betting. In Phase 1, $VICE holders will receive protocol fees as well as openly participate in investing in tomorrow's projects through Launchpad - the first product to be deployed by Vice Protocol.
Vice Protocol will be continually increasing its catalog of innovative products, which in turn will bring even more use cases for the $VICE token.

What is $VICE Vote Locking (veKRO)?

One of the most important incentives to maintain the $VICE is the increase in vote blocking. Each liquidity provider can increase their daily $VICE rewards by locking $VICE by vote.