Vice Protocol

$VICE Tokenomics


Overall, 24,000,000 $VICE is planned to be minted, to be distributed over 36 months.


The initial distribution was intended to distribute tokens to pre-sale participants as well as to rewards program winners (airdrops), attracting more interested parties to the ecosystem. Above in the image, how the allocation should be done.


  • Invest in new projects through Vice Starter. Certain amounts of $VICE tokens are required to pre-sale other projects listed on Vice Starter.
  • $VICE holders receive protocol fees.
  • Vote on proposals relating to the Vice Protocol ecosystem.
Investors will be able to stake their $VICE tokens to gain access to pre-sales of projects listed on Vice Starter, as well as to receive protocol fees.


Founders, Options, Advisors, Investors

Tokens will be allocated to founders, options, advisors, and investors, all subject to vesting periods.


This fund will be deployed to attract and encourage strategic partners that will help the Vice ecosystem to grow and prosper. $VICE holders will ultimately decide how this fund will be used in the coming years.


The tokens reserved for the community will be distributed at different points, including:
  • Liquidity Incentives;
  • Airdrops;
  • Other incentives.
Vice Governance has power over Liquidity Mining and may choose to maintain or change this system.

Fundraising Event

This fund will be used to support Vice Protocol's operations and growth, as well as assist with the initial listing, marketing and distribution of other rewards to investors.
For full transparency, we will bring you more details on this shortly.