Vice Protocol

How to buy on Vice Starter

Connect your wallet

To connect your wallet, you just need to click on the "Connect Wallet" button and select your favorite wallet and follow the steps that will appear on the screen.

It's time to buy

Now that your wallet is connected, you should be able to participate in the ICO as long as you have enough ETH balance in your wallet.
Remember that the minimum amount you can buy is 0.016 ETH and the maximum is 10 ETH. Find out all the details of the ICO here.
Enter the amount of ETH you wish to purchase $VICE Tokens into the input field.
The UI should show you the amount of $VICE tokens you will buy with the amount of ETH you entered.
If you are satisfied with the amount you will receive, just click on the 'buy' button and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Once you've confirmed the transaction, you can view the amount of $VICE tokens you've already purchased.
That's it! Simple, isn't it?