Vice Protocol

VICE Protocol ICO: Full details

A new ICO will take place on January 30, 2023. All values on this page will be updated accordingly.


Currently, the planned distribution of VICE Tokens is as follows:
  • Community: 32%;
  • Fundraising Event: 28%;
  • Trasury: 25%;
  • Team & Advisors: 15% (subject to vesting periods).


  • Invest in new projects through Vice Starter. Certain amounts of $VICE tokens are required to pre-sale other projects listed on Vice Starter.
  • $VICE holders receive protocol fees.
  • Vote on proposals relating to the Vice Protocol ecosystem.
Investors will be able to stake their $VICE tokens to gain access to pre-sales of projects listed on Vice Starter, as well as to receive protocol fees.


There will be 4 targets in this ICO. In each goal, there will be a different selling price for the $VICE token, as well as an appropriate listing price for the amount raised in each goal. As goals are hit, the token price in the ICO increases, as does the listing price - this is what we call a dynamic pool.
Above is detailed each phase, with their respective amounts and values. When (if) the amount of tokens in goal 1 is reached, then instantly the ICO enters goal 2, and so on. The ICO will be finalized once all allocated tokens are sold or the ICO deadline is reached.
It is worth mentioning that all tokens not sold during the ICO will be reallocated to the treasury. Around 6,720,000 $VICE Tokens will be allocated in this pre-sale.


The amount collected in the ICO will be distributed among the following topics:
  • Community (Incentives);
  • Initial Liquidity ($VICE tokens);
  • Marketing;
  • Treasury;
  • Vice Swap (If 100% of the tokens are sold in the ICO).
The percentage allocated between each of these topics will vary depending on the amount raised in the ICO. If we reach up to goal 3 in the ICO, the allocation will be as highlighted in the chart below.
On the other hand, if 100% of the tokens are sold, allocations will be distributed as follows:

Introducing Vice Swap - A new product

Vice Swap will be the new product added to the VICE ecosystem. Vice Swap will be a DEX, which will allow investors to provide liquidity to pairs, perform swaps and earn fees for providing liquidity. We believe that Vice Swap contributes to the ecosystem because it will provide fee income for the protocol as well as investors.
It should be noted that the Vice Swap will only be launched if all tokens allocated for sale in the ICO are sold, because we would use part of the funds to provide initial liquidity in USDC-ETH, USDC-DAI, USDT-USDC pairs.


The distribution of tokens purchased in the ICO will take place as follows:
  • 25% — January 2023
  • 25% — February 2023
  • 25% — March 2023
  • 25% — April 2023


ICO will follow the FCFS (First Come First Served) model. This means that you will not need a whitelist. Access will be public.
  • Maximum allocation: 8 ETH.
  • Minimum allocation: 0.016 ETH.


  • Total tokens for sale: 6,720,000 $VICE.
  • Sale Start Time (UTC): December 28th 2022, 01:00 PM UTC.
  • Sale End Time (UTC): January 3th 2023, 01:00 PM UTC.
  • Token Distribution — Initial distribution percentage 25%: January 2023.
  • Launch: January 2023.
  • Access: Public. No Whitelist.
  • Model: FCFS.
  • Soft Cap: $72,526.00.
  • Hard Cap: $1,233,742.00.
  • Maximum allocation: 8 ETH.
  • Minimum allocation: 0.016 ETH.
  • Network: Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Initial Market Cap (if we reach the 4 goals): ~$250,000.
  • Initial Token Circulation: x units (initial liquidity) + y (presale — initial distribution percentage 25%).
    y = 0.25 * tokens allocated for sale (6,720,000).